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The Italian aperitif n°1:

The Spritz

Born in the north of the peninsula and more precisely in Veneto, but now widespread throughout Italy and now also in the world, the Spritz is the No. 1 Italian aperitif par excellence, particularly recognizable by its bright orange color and sweetish taste.

The Original Spritz is the first portal that allows you to fully understand all the secrets of the real Spritz, starting from its history and origins up to the present day.


Discover all the ingredients needed to prepare the perfect spritz.

What to match?

Here are some tips on what to pair with a spritz during an aperitif.

Spritz-based recipes

Discover all the spritz-based sweet and dessert recipes

History and origins of the Spritz

The Spritz is older than the Unification of Italy! According to the stories, in fact, it was born more than 150 years ago in the area which today is occupied by the Veneto but which at the time was Austrian territory and the soldiers, not being used to the alcohol content of the local wines, mixed them with the addition of carbonated water using the old seltzer guns And it is precisely from the Austrian term spritzen, which literally means to spray in Italian, that the name Spritz of this drink derives.

Some sources even assert that the Spritz was born in Venice and more precisely at the Osteria Antico Calice where selz was added to the Venetian “shadow of wine”.
However, since there is no historical evidence of this fact, these versions of the birth of the Spritz remain only legends.
As can be easily understood from history, the first version of the spritz was not as articulated and precise as today but essentially included only 2 ingredients: wine and carbonated water.

It is only around the 1950s that the first Spritzes we know today start to appear in taverns. In fact, in the Paduan area, artisan liqueurs or bitters have begun to be added to the original recipe based on what is available in the tavern. There was in fact an ingredient an ingredient of preference for the preparation.

The new version of the Spritz recipe was immediately popular, so much so that in a short time it spread, expanding first to Padua and then to the rest of the Veneto and Italy.

Its great diffusion was also possible thanks to the marketing actions of big names in alcoholic beverage producers who have inextricably linked their name to this drink, first of all Aperol which has in fact become part of the official recipe.
Another major brand, albeit less widespread, which wants to combine its name with that of this cocktail is the Select which combines its distillate with the oldest and most original recipe of the Spritz.

The Spritz has only begun to spread abroad only in its more recent history and in particular since 2011 when the drink became part of the cocktail list of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) which is one of the most important in the sector and known in the best places around the world.

Nowadays the Spritz has become more than just an aperitif. In fact, for many it has become almost an irreplaceable habit at any happy hour or during a simple outing with friends.

News and insights

Below are some insights and curiosities about the world of Spritz and other recipes to try in company:

A porch, a spritz, twenty minutes talking about holidays. To loosen up the day some evenings you don't need much.

- Anonymous -

The beach is the best place to devour books.
Accompanied by a Spritz of course.

- Anonymous -

The Spritz gives you joy.
The Spritz brings joy.
The Spritz makes you forget your problems.
Hold on to the Spritz, not the people.

- Anonymous -

We all need to believe in something: I believe that I will soon have a spritz…

- Anonymous -

Theologians think they know the questions.
Scientists think they know the answers.
I think it's time for another spritz.

- Anonymous -